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Your Path and Live Your Life With PNH

From the first symptoms to the diagnosis of your PNH you have lived through some tough experiences! Today you get a fresh start in life thanks to the beneficial effects of your treatment.

Perhaps you’ve been living with PNH for some time and you feel the need to improve your quality of life. But your life journey living with PNH may be riddled with challenges and concerns.

Explore Audrey’s Story

Listen to Audrey Lagacé, a twenty-four-year-old nurse at the Charles-Lemoyne Hospital of Montreal. She’s been living with PNH for over ten years.
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A comprehensive guide

with a holistic approach to better
living with PNH. Find the most useful information and tools for you!

Every two weeks for ten weeks,
receive information packages and free practical tools :

Up-to date information on what you need to know about PNH

Practice guides on fitness, nutrition, yoga and meditation

Experts on video featuring:

Natalie Lambert Headshot

Fitness Coach

Nathalie Lambert

Former Canadian
Olympic medalist in
short-track speed skating

Vanessa Perrone headshot

Nutrition Coach

Vanessa Perrone

Dietitian and

B Reisman Headshot

Yoga Coach

Barrie Risman

recognized yoga

Batter Living with PNH

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